The Power Workshops

Want to inspire, and empower your team by building high performance skills, and a top sport mindset?

Then the Power Workshops are exactly what you need!

Workshops are between 2-4 hours, and you can pick the topics that you need for your team to bring them next level!

Hendrika Willemse | Speaker | Author | High Performance Enthusiast

What to expect?

All Hendrika’s sessions are very practical, and include both individual, and group exercises. She is very open, to the point, interactive, honest, and empowering during her sessions! 


How to build and retain a high performance lifestyle
An athletes mindset in corporate life
Building a High Performance Sales machine
Building and retaining an outstanding team | High performance teams
Boosting your productivity and your energy
The power of discipline and resilience
Getting things done | goal setting and action planning

How does it work?

Schedule your match call

You can start with scheduling your match call with Hendrika. In this call you can discuss your needs and wishes and she will explain what she can do for you.


After the match call you will receive a proposal based on everything you’ve discussed during the call. If you say YES to the proposal we will align on the planning and get started!

Time for action

During the session Hendrika will make sure the participants get inspired, move into action mode and they will get all the tools and support they need to put theory into practice. Not just for the short term, but especially for the long term!

"I have experienced the collaboration with Hendrika as very pleasant. I really appreciate Hendrika's involvement. She takes the time for you and also looks at what the organization needs and how she can help based on her expertise. The presentation and handout were also very professional, not only in terms of look & feel but also the execution. Her story is strong and has the right energy. I would definitely work with Hendrika again."

"A very good investment of time that you owe to yourself! Lots of food for thought and a reset away from the beaten track and the daily work to think carefully about where you are, where you want to be, and how you want to get there going to come."

"Following a 4-hour workshop, and feeling like you've listened for 8 hours. You can rightly call this empowered. The time flew by, despite the high pace it felt very relaxed. Got a lot of food for thought. If you If you have the feeling that you are stuck in your career, a session with Hendrika is highly recommended."