Meet Hendrika

Hendrika is an author, inspirational speaker, a high performance enthusiast, former top athlete and has been in IT for over 23 years (She in IT).

She is on a mission to empower and inspire people to squeeze everything out of life and business

Over the past years she has gained extensive experience in building her business, selling the company and within various corporate IT companies. Besides business she has 20 years of karate experience on an international level and she is a three-time World Champion and a two-time European Champion.

Hendrika combines her knowledge, experience and best practices to bring teams and professional to a higher level and to enable them to maximize their potential. She has a strong passion for more diversity in Tech and is a true believer that this is the only way to build outstanding teams!

Fun facts

Years karate
Years in Tech
Years being an Entrepreneur

Do not settle for a life that's half whole...

Hendrika truly lives her life based on all the routines, habits, tips, and tricks that she teaches others. She has done that over the past 20 years and she has built her track record based on these. She is living proof that you don’t have to settle for less and that you can choose and create your ultimate life!

  • She has built her first business and successfully sold the company
  • By the age of 27 she created financial independence
  • In corporate life she was able to realize 300% YoY growth as a business unit director, and gained experience with buy and build strategies
  • She sold over 15M in one year within global accounts
  • She was responsible for over more than 100M in business
  • Crushed her quota with 250% during her maturity leave

This was no walk in the park, but with the right mindset, energy, and strategy everything is possible!

Hendrika Willemse | Female empowerment | Ondernemer | Coach | Spreker

Things to really know about me and my beliefs!

  • Started karate because I was bullied at school. Never thought I would ever be a 3rd black belt karate, three-time World champion and two-time European champion….
  • Strongly believe in the power of a solid morning routine
  • Don’t try to fix your weaknesses, focus on your strengths
  • Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going
  • Your life is not controlled by what you do some of the time, but by what you do consistently
  • Work-life balance does not exist