Performance Babes!

You feel that there is untapped potential inside of you.

You are ambitious and you want to grow and go next level, but you are not quite sure how.

This makes you insecure and restless….

You are ambitious and allow yourself that dream career and a nice private life, but how?

Due to high work pressure or demanding organization or customers, it’s challenging to find the right balance and you feel short on time often. This causes you to postpone your personal development and you mostly just go with the flow of the days….

It can be challenging to say no, set your boundaries, and be able to set the right priorities. This makes` you put yourself in second place very often….

It’s hard to be strong and not doubt yourself or be afraid to make mistakes. You can also find it challenging to not as the wrong questions. Because of this, it’s hard to position yourself in a good and powerful way….

This might make you insecure or you start doubting yourself. Maybe you even question if IT is something for you or you have the feeling that you cannot be yourself anymore. You stop enjoying your career…

Or the feeling that you fall short both from a professional and a personal level. You get stressed because you feel you have to keep all the balls in the air and this gives you the feeling that you are constantly behind

Self Made CEO Hendrika

You know it's time....

You know it’s time to get moving and to get started to work with somebody who is able to bring you to the next level but you feel it’s challenging to get out of your comfort zone. You think that things might just go away…. Or you just keep trying to get things sorted by yourself…

But what if I tell this can be done faster and differently?

This program is not for everybody....

My 3 to 6 months program enables you to build your dream career and helps you to use your full potential.

You will receive all the tools and tips that are needed not only to be successful in the short term but also in the long term. This helps you to make sure that in the future you know exactly how to keep things moving!

With the sessions and assignments, I will give you the exact insights on which steps to take to have full focus and confidence to go next level!

This program is not for everybody… You need to be open-minded, ready for some real action, and prepared to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable!

After this program you will be able to:

Hendrika Willemse | Female empowerment | Ondernemer | Coach | Spreker


"The sessions have given me concrete tools to get the best out of myself, both personally and professionally. The tips and tricks you learn are not only temporarily useful, you can take them with you through life and make them completely your own. I feel more aware, self-assured and more motivated after our coaching sessions and I am convinced that this will help me achieve my goals!

"Hendrika is a very nice mentor who listens carefully to what you need and takes that very well into account. The sessions with Hendrika made me feel more confident and powerful in my current position. The tips and tricks she shared are very useful for the rest of my career. Both privately and professionally I have grown enormously in the recent months and I am extremely grateful to her for that."

What will you be working on?

What's included?




Meet Hendrika Willemse!

Hendrika Willemse-Vreugdenhil is a speaker, high-performance coach, and former top athlete and has been working as a woman in the tech sector for over 20 years. She built and successfully sold her own IT company and then held various executive and management positions at corporate tech companies.

Hendrika has had an international sports career: she was world champion three times and European karate champion twice. She knows better than anyone that you can achieve exceptional performance with ambition, discipline, and perseverance.

Over the last couple of years, she has bundled all her knowledge, experience, and best practices to take teams and organizations to a higher level and to let professionals perform at their best (without going crazy).


How does it work?

Schedule your match call

You can start with scheduling your match call with Hendrika. In this call you can discuss your needs and wishes and she will explain what she can do for you.


After the match call you will receive a proposal based on everything you’ve discussed during the call. If you say YES to the proposal we will align on the planning and get started!

Time for action

You will receive an email with a link to all the documentation and the intake form. Your input from the intake form will be incorporated into the program as much as possible so that we can focus on what is important for you! Planning will be agreed together before the start of the program!