"Why should you live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary life?"

Meet Hendrika!

Hendrika Willemse-Vreugdenhil is an author, inspirational speaker, high-performance enthusiast, and former top athlete. She has been in Tech for over 23 years. She built and grew her own IT company which she successfully sold. After that, she had several management positions within different tech companies.
Hendrika is a three-time World champion and a two-time European champion in karate. She knows better than anyone that you can achieve exceptional performance through ambition, discipline, and perseverance. Over the last couple of years, she has helped countless professionals, teams, and organizations to achieve top performances and to build sustainable greatness.
Whether you’re looking to boost your or your team’s performance or inspire and empower your organization at an event, Hendrika is the right woman for the job! She shares her knowledge and experience with her keynotes, books, and free content. 

Hendrika empowers teams and professionals to achieve their full potential!
Hendrika Willemse | Female empowerment | Ondernemer | Coach | Spreker


In December 2022 Hendrika’s first book was published. Kick-Ass! The ultimate handbook for ambitious women! This is currently only available in Dutch. You can buy your copy via the link below or at Bruna, Bookspot, Scheltema, Paagman, or De Vries van Stockum!

Hendrika Willemse | Speaker


You can book Hendrika as an inspirational and empowering speaker for your events! These events can be for your organization and team or customer-facing! She loves to be on stage to share her story, her knowledge, and her experience with a lot of passion and enthusiasm!

Hendrika Willemse | Female empowerment | Ondernemer | Coach | Spreker

High Performance Enthusiast

Hendrika’s mission is to empower every person and team to achieve more! Unlock your full potential and build your dream life! Be able to reach high performance in life without burning out or going crazy. Below you can check out her in-company offerings to go next level with your team!

"Do not settle for a life that's half whole!"

Too many people settle for less in life and in business. Building your career and being balanced in life can be very challenging. Especially when you work in highly demanding environments, like Tech companies. Hendrika strongly believes that you don’t have to choose and that you can have it all in life. You can be successful in business and have an ultimate personal life as well.

You can reach high performance without going mental or burning out. A high-performing lifestyle will help you unlock your full potential and empower you to build a sustainable lifestyle. This takes time and requires a specific and rock-solid approach and a different way of training and coaching.

Hendrika empowers professionals and teams to be successful in the long term. By defining your ultimate goal, mastering your mindset, and maximizing your vitality, you can crush your goals and live your ultimate dream life!




“In the session, Hendrika delivered she shared the essential things she learned from her books, coaches, mentors, and real life. With her wealth of experience as a female in the world of IT, she is well-positioned to inspire and teach others how to achieve what they want in life. If ever you are looking for a performance coach that will get you moving, Hendrika is a great choice!”

“One of the best collaborations I’ve had so far. Helped me think what I want to achieve in life and how to go about it. Thank you Hendrika for being such a great coach!”

“Hendrika is a very nice mentor who listens carefully to what you need and takes that carefully into account. The sessions with Hendrika make me feel more confident and powerful in my current position. I will take the tips and tricks she shared with me for the rest of my career. Both privately and professionally I have grown enormously and I am very grateful to her for that.”

The Kick-Ass Power Letters

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